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MailChimp Privacy

Like many Australian organisations we are using MailChimp as part of a sign up process. The ModernLife Study uses MailChimp so that we can contact you with information through electronic newsletters about research and participating in studies conducted as part of the ModernLife Study project. The details we access, such as email addresses, will only be used by ModernLife researchers to provide you with ModernLife study information; we will not share the information we have with any third parties outside of ModernLife study research, nor will we use it for commercial purposes.


To enable us to contact you, MailChimp collects personal information from you, including your email address. MailChimp uses cookies and other methods to collect information about your access of electronic newsletters that we send you, what browser you use, your operating system and similar information. ​MailChimp collects this information so that we can see how our electronic newsletters are reaching our participants. MailChimp may pass this information to third parties to process for information for this purpose or when required to do so by law. You can find out more about the kind of information collected by MailChimp, separately to the data that we ask you for, by reviewing MailChimp’s Privacy Policy and the Mailchimp Terms of Use

MailChimp's Privacy Policy (Section 17. Members located in Australia) states that "We are subject to the operation of the Privacy Act 1988 (“Australian Privacy Act”)".However, MailChimp is based in the United States of America and so is governed by USA law and the information collected by MailChimp is collected and stored on servers located outside Australia. By signing up using MailChimp, you consent to personal information being collected, stored and used as described in MailChimp’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use;

You can withdraw your consent for us to contact you at any time by selecting “unsubscribe” from any email sent to you using MailChimp.

Please use the Contact Us page to ask us for any further information. 


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