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Welcome to the ModernLife Database!


By asking select individuals to participate in research and tell us about their lives, the ModernLife Study Database helps paint a modern picture of Australian life today. Based on participant contributions, scientists will use this information to report on health, well-being, relationships, and technology use through scientific articles, books, and papers, as well as via the media. Any published information will not reveal the identify of any individual. 

By registering your interest and participating in future studies, you will be making a valued contribution to  understanding modern life in Australia. After you have registered, we will contact you with more information and whether you would like to participate in a given study. If you accept future invitations, we will follow up with you with further study details and related participation information.

The ModernLife Study is a multi-university collaboration, and we are currently beginning to collect contact details. We appreciate your patience as it may be several months to obtain approvals we need before we contact you! Details will only be used to provide you with ModernLife Study information and will not be shared with any third parties outside of ModernLife Study research, nor used for commercial purposes.


Thanks for joining us!

Please sign up below if you wish to receive more information about how to contribute to future studies!


Registering here means that we can contact you at a future time to let you know more about ModernLife studies, and invite you to participate in future studies.  You can always opt out of any study opportunity, as well as opt out of registration entirely. At this stage, all we need is an email address and a postcode.

You will be sent an email to confirm your email address, so please look for the confirmation email in your inbox, or in your junk mail! 

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